Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brief Pause for Self Identification

Pauses. Time to reflect; relax; take a deep breath; gain perspective before moving forward.

At times when military marriages are split by deployments, or temporary duty assignments away from home, it brings that — a brief (or not so) intermission. Time to stretch.

Many people in the civilian world cannot fathom spending months, or even a year apart from one’s spouse. But we do it all the time.

I find it gives me time to decompress and remember who I am apart from my spouse and his very demanding life’s work. I don’t mind it, always.

Although it can be very tiring. Running the show solo takes a lot of energy and maybe an extra dose of patience, especially when living in a place, which offers no family nearby for support.

But we get through the rough patches. For the most part, everyone steps it up a notch.

This is how I feel today, anyway.

I might have a different perspective in a month, or two...